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Participating Organizations

Avnu Alliance, CC-Link Partner Association, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International have joined together in a collaboration to develop a single common conformance test plan for the IEC/IEEE 60802 profile of TSN for Industrial Automation. By working together, these Organizations are committed to providing end users with confidence that their IEC/IEEE 60802 compliant devices will coexist fairly at the TSN level on shared networks, regardless of differences in manufactures or differing supported automation protocols.

Avnu Alliance is a community creating an interoperable ecosystem servicing the precise timing and low latency requirements of diverse applications using open standards through certification.

CC-Link Partner Association is an organization dedicated to the development of CC-Link; a high-speed, high-performance industrial network technology that enables devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate resulting in a fast, deterministic control system.

ODVA is an international standards development and trade organization with members from the world’s leading automation suppliers. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies for industrial automation. Its standards include the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP™,” ODVA’s media independent network protocol – and industrial communication technologies including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and others.  For interoperability of production systems and their integration with other systems, ODVA embraces the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf, standard Internet and Ethernet technologies as a guiding principle. This principle is exemplified by EtherNet/IP – today’s leading industrial Ethernet network. Visit ODVA online at


OPC UA is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The OPC Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of this standard.

PI, the global organization responsible for PROFIBUS and PROFINET, works closely with other automation organizations to enable automation technologies. It also promotes and supports new technologies such as IO-LINK, an open communication standard for smart sensors and actuators.

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